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Recent blog posts
Most of the time, the pitch bend on a keyboard is somewhat of an afterthought for most beat makers. Actually, for me it's more or less something just to play with, almost like a toy.
Most people will not want to try something new, but if you start using different techniques and coming up with new sounds, it can really open up your beats to something fresh and unique.
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Posted by on in Selling Beats Tips
With the recent release of the iPhone 6, and the massive amount of lineups seen all over the world, it tells me that everyone wants everything NOW.
The same goes for selling beats.
After making beats for years, it's only natural that you would want to make some money from your skills, but the only problem is that it just won't happen overnight.
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It's funny how times have changed. With all the tools at every artist's disposal, such as social media, hitting it big in the music industry doesn't seem like that much of a stretch today.
It's one thing to sell beats in the Marketplace, but if you want to also get your foot in the door of the industry, you have to work hard at building relationships.
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Your tracks are way too hot. More than likely, every single track that you have in your DAW is either at the zero point, or is well over and into the dangerous red zone. It might seem okay to you to have your tracks this way, but it can spell disaster in the long run.
This is the reason why.
The Loudness Wars
One of the biggest issues with music production today is that all the songs are extremely loud. There was a study done a while ago about the increase in overall volume of songs over the years, and it clearly shows how bad it's gotten.
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Every single day it seems like at least a handful of music production companies are releasing a new product or an update to a product. Some of them are great, others not.
But how do you keep up with all the updates? And do you need them?
Probably not. Here's why.
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I have covered the topic of mixing numerous times, and each time I do my research so I can provide enough tips for my readers, I always either come across something new, or I realized I forgot to mention something.
This time, it's about filtering and how you can use it to your advantage. It's easy to just slap on a filter and then work on the rest of your tracks, but it goes beyond that - like the high pass filter and how it can make your life so much easier behind the mixing board.
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Twitter is becoming the go-to social platform for a lot of producers that are looking to reach out to potential clients, as well as other people in the music industry. Facebook had that crown for years but with all of the changes they have made, it has been more difficult to actually post something and have your audience actually see it.
However, just posting an update on Twitter is not the way to network or sell more beats, but having lists is much better.
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Posted by on in Production Techniques
For those that are not familiar with producing music, they can be a bit narrow-minded. When it comes to Hip Hop or EDM, it's especially true because they think that producers just sample entire songs and loop them, or just copy and paste clips.
But producing music similar to those methods is actually not a bad idea, and most of the time you will probably do it without even realizing it. So instead of producing, why not just rearrange?
Tagged in: beat making mixing
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We all want to sell more beats, as it's one of the main goals that we as music producers have, besides just making great music. But to sell beats isn't as simple as you may think.
You're already in the right spot here at myFlashStore, but just posting your beats in the marketplace isn't enough.
You have to work hard at selling beats. Here's four techniques that will help you.
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Hey guys, as some of you know, channel E! is doing a reality show based on my website LoveRoom. Since I'm the co-creator of the show, I have lots of control over the content. So I'd like to offer the myFlashstore community an opportunity to submit some beats for the show.


Here's what I can do:


1. Send me 10 beats for $10
2. Send me 20 beats for $15
3. Send me 30 beats for $20


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