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Recent blog posts
Onyx. Ask any Hip Hop fan about them and they will instantly tell you that when they listen to Onyx's music, they want to punch a puppy, then break a window, steal a car, drive it into a bank and rob it, get sent to prison, kill the warden, get strapped to the electric chair, all while laughing hysterically.
It's true.
Emotion plays a big part in how you make music, and it should always be the main thing that drives you to make something special. It should always be about emotion and not just going through the motions.
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As a beatmaker, it can be difficult to create the perfect beat. Often times, samples are used in a way that they sound great but tend to take up too much space in the mix. This is why it's important to learn how to use the silence in between sounds to your advantage.
Just as a Jazz musician is able to manipulate your ears by using the silence technique, so can you when making beats. Here's how.
Hits: 82
It can often be difficult when trying to gain new clients or even keep existing ones, but with the art of beat making comes the art of selling beats. It's a necessary evil that we all have to do if we wish to bring in an income from our beats, so there are many different ways that you can do so.
One of the best tactics to keep clients coming back for more is to offer them discounts.
"Discounts on my beats? That's foolish!" is something you might be thinking to yourself, however, it's a common technique used in sales, so why not use it for your own beat selling?
Hits: 104
Producing music is all about routine, in the sense that once you get used to working a certain way in the studio, you're all set and nothing's going to change that. However, sometimes the way you do things in the studio might not be the best way, or there may be situations where you will need to do a few tricks.
It might be in a professional recording studio, or in your home studio where you're laying down tracks, but regardless, learning a few new tricks will definitely help you out of a jam or even improve your workflow. Here are five of these tricks.
Hits: 145
When selling your beats, there are many factors in play such as the price of the beat, doing revisions based on the client's needs, building a relationship with the client, etc.
But beat sales would not be possible if you didn't have some sort of order in place, such as keeping track of all your beat sales. Some might just keep all their emails so they can see who they sold beats to, but the best way is with a spreadsheet. myFlashStore offers a feature where it keeps track of what you sold, but you could also do one yourself.
These are 5 reasons why you should keep track of your beat sales:
Hits: 139
Recently, Akai released their iMPC app that allows you to produce music, specifically to make beats, on your iPad. At first it seemed that it was just something that you could do to jot down some ideas, but it actually looks like something that you can have at the center of your studio. Some producers choose to have a very simple setup in their studio, and some would rather have lots of keyboards and racks.
Regardless of which setup you choose to have, as a producer you will spend a lot of time and money purchasing the right equipment for your studio, and learning it as well. What you might forget, and mostly it's your clients that don't realize, is that your recording setup, along with many other factors, affects your pricing.
Hits: 204
Zero-crossing in an audio waveform is the spot where the audio crosses the zero point. Pretty self-explanatory, no? However, there are some issues to relying on zero-crossing, and that is why I always recommend focusing on using fades to get rid of unwanted "clicks".
Some may argue that it's much "cleaner" to use zero-crossing, but it can also depend on what software you're using, and at times it can be difficult to figure out. This is why fading is the best option.
Hits: 100
In a recent debate I had with a few producers, we realized that music styles come and go, and styles change. Music fans will cling on to whatever genre is popular, no matter how dumb the sound may be.
But there are some forms of music that always seem to stick around, no matter what. Rock, Jazz, Hip Hop, etc. are all genres that have a huge following, yet they morph into variations of themselves. This is why it's important to have your own style.
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Hits: 178
As mentioned in Part 1 of this article, here is part 2 where I continue to give you a heads up on how to make your beat a big hit. This doesn't mean that these steps will guarantee you a big hit, but it can definitely push you in the right direction.
Here we go!
Hits: 174