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Recent blog posts
What's a Bus? I'm not talking about taking a bus to the studio, of course not. When you're trying to mix in your DAW and the tracks keep piling on with tons of clutter and disorganization, it's time for you to us a Bus.
The best way to describe a Bus is that it groups together whatever tracks you throw at it. At that point, it's up to you to use your imagination.
Tagged in: beat making daw mixing
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Selling beats is the name of the game, and having your beats right here on myFlashStore is a great move, but is there more you should do? Yes!
Having your own website is essential if you want to be looked at professionally and take your beat game to the next level, but it's not that simple. You need to do some Search Engine Optimization. Here's how.
Hits: 257
Using Twitter to sell beats is one of the best ways you can reach out to potential buyers. You could sell privately through direct messages and tweets to one another, or you could simply use Twitter to promote your myFlashStore page.
Whatever method you choose, Twitter is a great tool to use. Most people don't realize how powerful social networks can be for communicating with others, so here are 3 tips for helping you sell more beats on Twitter.
Hits: 183
Native Instruments first changed the beat making game when it introduced Maschine, their flagship software/hardware combo because of its ease of use and overall solid product. They then moved onto Maschine MK2 and Mikro, and finally to the current Maschine Studio.
The best is - you can still use the new version 2 software even if you own Maschine MK1 or MK2!
And now they've done it again with version 2.2, which changes the game once again.
Hits: 116
When I first began making beats in the 90's, my ultimate goal was to just get better at it. That's it. I wanted to have my beats be just as good as anyone else's, but as the years went by I started to realize that guess what? Money can be made from these beats!
It should always be your goal to just make music because you love it, but of course, being here on myFlashStore, your main goal is to sell beats. The problem for a lot of you is that you're having a hard time getting potential buyers to go to your page, here's how to do that.
Hits: 210
Let's face it - making beats today is way too easy. It's true that you don't just sit in front of your gear, press a button and tell it to make a beat for you, but with all of the hardware and software available to use today, it's pretty easy.
This could be one of the reasons why electronic-based music gets a bad rap sometimes, especially from people that don't know anything about it and think all we do is push buttons and turn knobs.
That is why I have made this list of 5 examples of how making beats today is too easy.
Hits: 140
Cakewalk's Sonar DAW can hang with the best of them. As most producers choose to use other DAWs such as Pro Tools or Ableton, Sonar has a lot of great features.
When it comes to building loops, they have "Loop Construction" and "Audio Snap" tools that can help you. Even though those features are great, for this tutorial I am going to show you how to do it old school - with markers.
Hits: 104
Saturation is a process of creating a sort of soft distortion to your audio. Back when engineers would record to tape, they would record a track really loud (hot) because it would give them a type of compression and bring life to the track.
With today's digital recording processes, going into the hot zone (above 0dB) can be dangerous, although it's not as bad as it may seem.
So how does saturation play into your overall mix? Let's see.
Hits: 178
I know it's a hard thing to hear your beat being used by someone else without your permission, and no credit has been given to you. The sad fact is that stealing beats is something a lot of people do, from rappers, labels, and even other producers!
But when it happens to you, what do you do? The most common reaction would be to freak out and punch things, but after you do that, it's time to get to work.
Hits: 599

Posted by on in Selling Beats Tips
The key to successfully sell beats is very simple: promotion. There are numerous ways you can do that, however, most people still stick to the same thing day in and day out, such as social media.
I have seen it time and again where beatmakers are tweeting about how cheap their beats are, but the main thing they're forgetting is that they need to promote. Without promotion, you're just a beatmaker spamming everyone's timeline.
Let's fix that, shall we?
Hits: 289