Player Designs for Selling Music Online


HTML5 Store

Our HTML5 store was designed from the ground up with the latest technologies in mind. You may or may not already know but Flash is not supported on iOS devices and only supported on Android devices after installing the Flash app. Our HTML5 store works seamlessly on all mobile devices as well as being an amazing player to use on a computer too. You can embed the player on your website with your choice of dimensions, or you can display the player full screen (perfect for a mobile environment), and it comes in range of colors to suit your taste.

View the HTML5 Store in action

Bubble Store

The Bubble Store is the latest creation from myFlashStore and boasts a beautiful and powerful design that will leave users in awe and will help you in selling music online. This player is narrow and perfect for sites with restricted width space. Not only does the Bubble Store feature all of the myFlashStore cart functionality but it includes some added extras. At the top right there is a text box which will feature the producers name and another fantastic feature is the ability to display your profile picture.

Only available for Gold and Platinum members

View the Bubble Store in action


The EchoStore is a fully featured design. It's powerful green elements give it that computer type techo effect. With it's small footprint, it's great for those sites with restricted space. The player features sortable columns, next/previous song buttons and a volume slider, and the myFlashStore cart functionality. This player can help you sell beats online effectively.

View the EchoStore in action


This is the SoundStore, designed with a similar concept to the SoundClick player to sell music, but with greatly improved design and functionality. This stylish and compact design can fit perfectly into your current page without taking up too much room. The player features sortable columns, next/previous song buttons and a volume slider, and of course the famous myFlashStore cart functionality.

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The iStore is based on the Mac iTunes design. This beautiful design is great for any website with a little extra space. Player features sortable columns, volume slider, detailed instructions and myFlashStore cart functionality. These features increase the effect of selling music online.

View the iStore in action


The SoloStore is your perfect companion for sharing individual beats. With Non-Exclusive and Exclusive purchasing options, now you can give your individual beats the exposure they deserve and make more sales. The SoloStore features Facebook / Twitter share buttons to allow your friends to share your great music. You can also embed the SoloStore directly on your Facebook Timeline just like a YouTube video!

View the SoloStore in action