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I am Allen “Novastar” Campbell, born in Long Island, NY and raised in Atlanta GA. I am 27 years old and I have been making music for 9 years. I’m self taught and still improving my abilities every chance I get. I first got into music through illustration, one of my first loves. I used to draw characters for video game ideas I had and wanted to make theme music for them. At the time, Video Game soundtracks really inspired me (still do) and I wanted to do themes from soundtracks like Street Fighter III and Tekken 3 series. I started out using MTV Music Generator and eventually moved on to Fl Studio when my ideas started to grow. I feel I have a great ear for music and have an appreciation for all types of genres. This inspires me musically and fuels my versatility. Some of my favorite genres specifically are Jazz, Funk and Fusion.
When I’m in my element I strive to create music from the heart and that piece of music should reflect who I am and what I’m about. Hip-hop music is my specialty but I revel in the opportunity to create music in different genres that I haven’t yet ventured into. Although I have sold music to many independent artists over the years, I have yet to work with any artists on a personal and collaborative level and I look forward to that opportunity.

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Soul, Funk, Jazz, and Rock.


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