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TOPIC: How to Sell Your Music on Soundclick:

How to Sell Your Music on Soundclick: 5 years 1 week ago #2403

You need to start selling your songs and albums all over the internet. The more sites you are on means there is a better chance your music will be sold. Try to use all the free websites to sell your songs on. You can start using paid websites to sell your songs on after you find out the right way to sell on the free ones.

When selling your music online, you need to understand that everything is digital. Digital downloads is now the easiest way to buy music. You can offer digital downloads on your singles, mixtapes and albums. Do your research on setting prices for each type of download.

The way you make money on sound click is by selling your songs in their Mp3 store. To sell in the mp3 store you need an approved account with at least one song. Make sure you have a verified Pay Pal account to receive your earnings.

This is a completely free service to use and it’s already established a huge market. Sound click will take a small cut from every sale you make. It’s a 70/30 cut between you and Sound click, so make sure you think about your prices wisely.

Setting up your sound click store is very easy and exciting. There is a lot of money to be made in the mp3 store! Make sure to give a good variety of songs to capture the ears of your listeners. Take a look around at successful artists who are making money right now in the mp3 store. Find a few key things they are doing, and apply it to your store.

Get yourself some artwork designed for your albums and singles to have your songs stand out. When you name your songs, try to sell the song in the name. Use catchy names and descriptions to draw people’s attention.

Now go sign up on sound click and make money from selling your music!
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