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How I Made My Money From Selling Beats

I used to be a producer before I built this site, but it's what I was doing before I created it that's important. I studied Music Production at college a while back and things were looking great, I was happy with my work and I had the dreams to become a multi-millionaire platinum producer when I finished...only problem was I had no idea how I was going to get there...I had no plan.

So I finished college and I was thrown into the real world with nothing but my beats and a dream. I sat at home day after day making beat after beat, and I was stuck about what to do with them. I thought the only option to be a successful producer was to either be signed, or collaborate with signed artists. I didn't think there was an in-between at all, and frankly that depressed me and made me think twice about being a producer.

One day I got a message on MySpace about a way to make money from selling my beats online. Of course this instantly grabbed my attention so I followed the link, read up on the product and purchased the ebook right there and then. I followed that ebook page for page and man was I impressed. Just a few weeks before I was thinking of changing my career and now with the help of this ebook I was actually making real money from my passion.

After a few months I was literally earning a living from the amount of money I was making. I was still living with my parents at the time and my mother thought I must be up to something dodgy, I could someone make money from sitting in their bedroom all day? Seriously....I'm still selling beats to this day because of the reputation that I built and the methods used to create a long lasting online presence, check out the screenshot of sales;

How to sell music

I learnt a hell of a lot from that ebook and a massive amount more from the actual experience of selling my own beats online.

I always had a skill for web development, so a year later I decided to create myFlashStore and give back to all the producers who were looking to make money from their beats too. I then decided to gather up and compile all the methods and tactics I used to sell my beats online and give it away for FREE. That's cost at all...just the fact that you'll be making money from my advice actually makes me happy.

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